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Have you seen our special add-ons below?

Voiceover Auditions

We'll have 50 to 100+ top voice artists read a portion of your script so you can choose your favorite one. This ensures that you'll find that absolute best fit. We can even narrow the 50 to 100 auditions down to the top 5 to 10 so you don't have to screen through them all.


Multiple Scripts

Our writers will come up with different scripts and visual ideas. You can choose one writer to make further revisions with and you can certainly use ideas from the other scripts you get to make sure you get nothing less than a masterpiece.


Multiple Video Styles

You normally choose one video style that we create your based off. Would you like to see 3 video styles instead? If you choose to see 3, we'll send you the first 2-5 frames of your video in 3 different styles.


Rush Service

If you have a deadline that's sooner than 6 weeks from the moment you sign with us, we highly recommend this as it puts your project in front of all other clients. The timeframe will be closer to 2-3 weeks instead of 4-6 weeks or more.


Short Commercial Cut

Explainer videos longer than 30 seconds are great for your website, but not for social media or video advertising. To get people's attention and drive them to your website, you need short ads - just like in TV commercials. For only $500, we'll make you a 15 to a 30-second version of your video.


Social Stack

As you may know, different social media platforms use different video sizes. This add-on will allow us to create your video in the 3 most popular sizes so you can use it across all websites. This includes a square version (Facebook), rectangle (YouTube), and vertical (Instagram stories).



Many people watch videos without their sound on, which makes subtitles very important. This add-on will allow us to create a version of your video with subtitles.


Source Files

Would you like all the source files for your project in case you want to make changes to your video down the road? This includes Adobe Photoshop files, Adobe After Effects files, your voiceover, and all music files.


Animated Video Logo

Care for a 5 to 15 sec animated version of your logo to use for intros and outros of all videos you ever create? It adds nice branding and credibility to all of your videos. Similar to how all movies start with a video logo (think Dreamworks or Disney).
See examples here.


Infographic Design

An infographic is a form of visual communication that's meant to capture attention and enhance comprehension in an easy way. It's a specific type of visual communication tool that includes graphics showing data, copy, or both.
See examples here.


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