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“I chose Promoshin mainly because our marketing consultant for our company recommended Promoshin. I saw the samples on the website and I was pretty intrigued. When I was researching and shopping around, there were plenty of other options but they were very expensive, and most of the people that we talked to didn’t necessarily understand my specific needs.

Before getting my video, in terms of expectations, I really didn’t know what to expect. I saw the examples, but the whole process, I thought that it would be challenging for Promoshin to understand my needs.

Our product is very specific in a niche market, and our customers are also quite unique so I was kind of wary that it would be hard to explain that and to come across in a very succinct way. In terms of the fears that I had, I saw the price was very competitive so I was a little bit wary of the quality, and also how much involvement we would need to have in the development of the script, development of the whole video, and how to design the whole process. We thought it would be very hands-on, and also we had kind of a anticipation of being upcharged for even minor changes.

Those were certainly the concerns that we had coming in. As a result of hiring Promoshin, I was very very pleasantly surprised. They were extremely easy to work with. Jack, on the business development side, kind of the head of helping our design, as well as George, from the project management perspective, were very easy to work with. They completely understood our company’s direction and messages for the video, and they rapidly put together this video which met our timelines.

In terms of the top benefits or features that we liked about working with Promoshin: 1) Understanding our company’s needs and our company’s messages 2) Price, it was very competitive 3) The speed of service 4) The flexibility they had in making changes to the video, minor changes when we needed them based on having feedback from others.

In terms of recommending Promoshin, absolutely we would. We feel that they have the correct balance of cost effectiveness necessary to be very competitive in this market. And if someone’s ever looking for an explainer video and isn’t sure which company to choose, we would never recommend anyone else besides Promoshin. You don’t need a high priced supplier, because you have Promoshin that provides the quality, which is the most important thing, but also at a very competitive price.”

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