Ben Coughlin of | Santa Clara, CA - Promoshin


“Hi, I’m Ben Coughlin, founder of Colovore. A high density data center provider in California. We wanted to add video to our website to make it pop a little bit more and we did some searching online and came across Promoshin who really branded themselves as a cost effective, time efficient and creative shop.

We just finished our video and we’re about to post it to our website. We’re going to email it around to our customers and prospects and have to say we’re very excited with how it turned out.

It’s been great working with Promoshin. The project management was terrific and we had lots of revisions going back and forth with the video. Their creative direction, the responsiveness and cost all came in as they said they would do. We have nothing but good things to say about our experience.

We highly recommend using Promoshin and if you’re watching this video, I hope you use them because we had a terrific outcome. Thanks very much.”

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