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“Hi, this is Bob with PVF Direct. We’re a startup business to business company that deals directly with large industrial engineering companies.

When we decided to do an explainer video we found out that there are so many options on the Internet. We explored many different companies. We talked to many of those companies and we found that although we didn’t know where the pricing should be, pricing was all over the board which made it even more confusing for us.

We saw pricing from the $3,000 range all the way up to the $12,000 range. We also noticed that all the videos in each company’s portfolio whether they were $3,000 company or $12,000 per video company, the videos all seem to be very very similar to one another. We really couldn’t tell much of a difference if any at all.

Another thing that we discover as we reached out to other companies was that they didn’t seem all that interested other than booking our business. They weren’t so helpful, they didn’t ask us any questions. They were just quick to tell us to fill out the paperwork or the online profile, make the deposit, and get the video started.

So we continued the search until we came across Promoshin and all that changed. When we talked to Promoshin they were very helpful, they were very interested in our business. They wanted to make sure that we’re putting out a video that we could be proud of. A video that would take our vision and our strategy to the market in a way that we could both be proud of and most importantly would be effective for us.

So, you know, we also discovered that through this process rather quickly, I must add that Promoshin was by far the most competitive. When we heard their price we were little skeptical at first. We thought for sure based on everybody else was there would be additional charges along the way. Promoshin assured us straight away that there were no additional charges. We can make as many changes as we needed or wanted to make through the process and we put them to the test on that.

We started this process with Promoshin and I would say it took us probably longer than the average person to get our video done but that was by no fault of Promoshin…that was strictly us making so many changes along the way. We changed things that we went back to the original one and not once did Promoshin ever make us feel like we were being rushed, like we needed to hurry, or that we’re making too many changes.

They really helped us honing of what our goal was, what our marketing goal and our vision was for this project and for that we couldn’t be more thankful. We certainly don’t feel like we would have gotten that from any other companies and if we had we feel like we certainly we would have been charged more for it.

So I would say anybody out there looking for explainer video to take a look at all the other guys and I think what you’re gonna find is that Promoshin not only has just as high quality videos as everyone else, as creative, as visually entertaining as anyone else in the marketplace but I think what the real difference is you’re gonna find that Promoshin really becomes a part of your team and they work together with you with one vision that is to produce a video that executes the direction and the marketing strategies and the vision that you have for your company and they don’t stop until you’re happy with the product that you have. So for those reasons I would certainly recommend Promoshin for your next explainer video.”

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