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“Hi, my name is Bob Solomon. I’m the owner, Founder and chief bottle washer at software platform consulting. I consult to major business to business software companies, startups and large enterprises.

I did my first video with Promoshin recently, and had a great experience. I did my research before choosing Promoshin on the web and what I found was that Promoshin did the best job of giving me confidence in the actual process that would be used to produce the final video.

I was really worried about whether the video would end up being the quality that I wanted to have on my website, and what I would want my customers, which are pretty sophisticated software customers to see…and Promoshin was really the only site that gave me the confidence through their step by step description of the process that I would end up with the product that I liked…and in fact I did.

I think the other thing that I was concerned about is that I am a nitpicker, I know that…and I like things to be just right. And I have run into creative projects before where it’s not just right and I’m not so very happy about that.

In this case, there were lots of pretty detailed graphics that I wanted to make sure were just right and Promoshin was great about going back and forth. Making suggestions but mainly just making sure the vision ended up being and matching the one I had in mind down to the last detail.

So needless to say I am a happy customer or I wouldn’t be doing this testimonial and I’m already starting work on my second video. So I can highly recommend them and I don’t do recommendations so easily. Thanks. Bye.”

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