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“Hi my name is Aeron Sullivan, CEO and founder of I wanted to take a quick minute to recognize Promoshin for putting together a great video for us. They helped us in a tremendous way and so I wanted to help them by putting this video together. But also I wanted to help you, one, to make the decision to have explainer video made, and two, to hopefully use Promoshin because I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with that, with either decision.

I had a couple of fears going into making the video, not just with Promoshin but in general. I was worried about cost for a startup. We don’t have a lot of capital, we’re bootstrapping it, so we needed to be cost effective. It needed to be time effective or it needed to be deployed in a very quick manner. We’re a startup, we’re moving very quickly.

We’ve got a lot of investors interested in us and so I wanted to get that video out to help to keep that momentum and to keep that excitement about the company. And the third one is I needed it to be customizable. has a brand we hope to represent a few things so I didn’t want to just make our videos different from the rest of the videos but I wanted to make it embrace some ideas and concepts in the field that is

Going into the video making process with Promoshin I had some expectations, you know. They had a rich history of videos in their archive that you can view. In fact we used some of those to help decide what type of video we wanted to make.

So I knew what we were going to get was going to be pretty good but I had no idea that was going to be the level that it was when it was finally delivered. Whether it be through the scriptwriting, the storyboarding, the illustrations or the final video production they are with you every step of the way.

Helping guide you to make something better than you can probably imagine and two, staying engaged with you so that you have plenty of opportunities for feedback so when you get that video, there isn’t that nagging aspect that you wish would be changed. It’s absolutely what you expect, what you want and will probably exceed your expectations if you use Promoshin.

Some things I liked about the company is that they were engaged from the beginning. You weren’t just another customer. They seemed passionate about the video making and about making your video. I know I talked to the President a couple of times and he liked where our video was going, was excited about it and in fact we even exchanged couple of emails regarding the things currently in the industry that we are entering and that’s turned into a great relationship that I’ve had with Promoshin.

I will absolutely use them again, not just because of their product but because of the company’s service is at the highest level that I could expect from a company in this market.

So Promoshin, thanks, you guys are awesome. For all you entrepreneurs, businessmen and women out there, one, an explainer video is absolutely the way to go. It is a great way to convey information. Do it in a fun and engaging way. If you use Promoshin to put together that video, I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Thanks guys, look forward in working with you in the future.”

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