“Hi, my name is Carla and I’m with Cinemark and I’m here to talk about my experience with Promoshin. The reason why we were looking for a video production company was because we were launching our performance management process and we know it’s something that not everyone looks forward to with the reviews and evaluations. So we wanted to create something fun, something unique to send to our audience and something that they can really gravitate to.

So we decided to do an animated video and so we vetted out a number of companies. When we finally came across Promoshin, they completely caught our eye. I mean when we went to the website they had a number of videos with different options, different styles, voices and colors, schemes and themes and the list went on.

We decided to reach out to them. We finally talked to their rep. They were very responsive.

They answered all of our questions very thoroughly and so when we talked about pricing, they were also very, very cost effective – which was a huge win for us. So we decided to give them a shot and needless to say they completely met or even exceeded our expectations.

The response rate was incredible, I mean we had questions…right away they would get back to us. We had a change, they would change it, they would never say no. You know, it was completely customizable to how we wanted our video, and at the same time – they were very creative with their piece and delivering – a very creative and unique video.

I do have to say that we did a rush delivery because we reached out to them in August and we needed our complete, final video by October. So that only gave them them two months to create a 15-minute video, so I mean we were completely just appalled by how fast they got our video, and they were able to create something that was just very engaging.

So we finally sent it to our audience and our employees were just very intrigued, even reached out and said who made this video. And they were just very excited that it wasn’t just another boring session or lecture about performance reviews and performance management overall.

It was something that they can watch anytime and that it was just fun and intriguing. It was very engaging for them to watch.

So again, this was the very first time working with Promoshin and we have a ton of other projects that were just really looking forward to working with them again and I definitely recommend them to anyone looking to create for a unique, fun and engaging video.”

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