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“Hi, my name is Casey Homoly and I am the owner of Alpha Team Dumpster Rental. We’re a business out in Kansas City and we used Promoshin to put together an explainer video for our business which we thought or we hope would help our clients understand the products we offer and a little about the service that we offer. Again, hopefully that we see it on our website and then call us and they can ask more informed questions and we can do a better job of taking care of them.

So with all the options out there we chose Promoshin, and I have to admit the number one thing I liked was the straightforward pricing. They listed their price on the website and it really helped me make a firm decision right then and there. A few of the other companies did not…and I had to call them and found out they were six, seven times more expensive than Promoshin, and the sample videos on other websites to me looked the same.

So definitely it was my first reason why we worked with Promoshin for not knowing them from anywhere. Searching around I just found out that Promoshin’s pricing was much more in line with our budget and what we needed to do for our product line.

My expectations going into this project was I just hoped we would get a video that I would be excited to share with my future clients. I really do not what to spend the money on a video that I was going to just going to archive away on my hard drive and never look at again. So to me it was a little bit of a risk doing this; just this getting an explainer video. But you know Promoshin really helped me get through that and did a great job with it.

My fears, that was my biggest fear…it was just the fact that I may not get a video that I was excited about and spending a lot of money to do that. As a result of hiring Promoshin, I found out they were really easy to work with. They listened to what I had to say about my business and things I wanted to convey to my clients and they also did a great job of translating that into the explainer video and they obviously are really skilled at what they do. They produced the perfect video for me. You know I would recommend Promoshin to anybody.

There’s no reason not to use them, there’s no reason to spend a ton of money, you know five, six, seven thousand dollars on some of these other companies putting together an explainer video for you, when Promoshin will do it for fractions of that cost. They do a great job and you know you get what you pay for even though you know couple of thousand dollars is expensive, it’s a lot better than six or seven thousand dollars.

You know if you believe what I’m saying my video is incredible. I can’t wait to get it live and send it to people and hopefully it’s going to not only increase our business but it’s just going to make our daily business easier with people understanding what we do and how we do it and what they can get from us so as we’re not going over and over explaining it time and time again. In that way just everyone’s expectations are better and again this simple little video is hopefully going to do some great things for my business. Again, I highly recommend using Promoshin and obviously there’s no reason you shouldn’t as well. Thanks.”

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