Chaim Kohn of | Farmingdale, NY - Promoshin


“Hello my name is Chaim, sales manager at Cigar Oasis, and I’d like to recommend a great company called Promoshin out of California.

We needed to make a short but impactful promotion video and we looked around, we shopped around, and we saw the great work from Promoshin and dealing with them was a complete breeze.

They understood what we wanted. They made us many edits as we needed along the way. Their prices were reasonable. They were extremely comfortable to work with.

And we got our product at timely manner. Extremely satisfied all around.

I highly recommend Promoshin, and yeah…I want to thank them for their incredible work, and I strongly encourage you to use them. They’re a local company, and they get you. Thank you very much.”

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