“Hi, this is Chris speaking currently from Sao Paolo, Brazil from where we intend to launch a new specialized agriculture investment platform for which we needed an explainer video.

I did not know Promoshin or in fact any video production companies before so I found them through a simple Google search and certainly compared them to a number of peers but was immediately drawn and attracted to Promoshin to the very high quality I thought of some of the examples they had uploaded to their website which I thought was actually what we needed, essentially a real tailor-made, animated video and not some of poor quality type, almost slide show type videos that are certainly out there as well that with some of the poor example which I almost had an impression that I personally could have done that better myself.

So I send a simple email to I guess info@promoshin.com with a price quote and briefly explaining what I wanted which was immediately answered by Ben in a very open, honest, transparent, efficient way. Very easy it seemed on our end what we had to do, very clear, very detailed instructions.

They throughout the process seemed genuinely interested in what we were trying to achieve. I always got the feeling that they were trying to create something for us and not essentially selling us something off the shelf but really work for us and create something exciting. We were then assigned a Project Manager who did a fantastic job, very transparent again, very great professional communication by email, step by step taking away some of the concerns we had, some of the worries that this might take forever, or that they would not deliver the quality that we were looking for, really step by step delivering, getting our sign-off on every little thing.

I was certainly tough to the Project Manager at times, pushing him to deliver which was always done to our satisfaction, very happy with the final result, great work. It took a couple of weeks I guess from scratch to have a great explainer video, and hence, I would definitely recommend Promoshin again without hesitation to anybody out there looking for a very good, tailor-made, exciting explainer video, tailored to your needs, not something off the shelf but something done for your firm by a company that seems very experienced and that definitely know what they are doing.

So good job, guys. Thanks a lot. We would contact you anytime again. Thanks.”

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