“Hi, my name is Dan Alger, and I am the Director of Communications for an organization called Anglican 1000. Our role at Anglican 1000 is to encourage, equip and catalyze church planting, starting new churches throughout all of the United States and Canada.

And so we recently worked with Promoshin to put together a video to explain some of our core values of who we are and our mission and particularly, a new campaign that we’re doing called the 123 Challenge where we’re spurring on the churches that we’re working with to really take part in this greater effort of starting churches throughout all of North America. We needed a way to creatively and memorably – and hopefully with an entertainment value as well – communicate who we are and what were doing and also challenge people to take part in it.

So the animated motion graphic explainer video seemed to be the way to go, and Promoshin was really great to work with. I’m a newbie to this process and they really held my hand through the whole creative process step by step, from writing the script to getting the right graphics in the right place to choosing the music to the final edits.

Everything was great. They were very, very timely in answering my questions of which I had a lot and also in making the revisions that were needed as well, because whenever you’re putting together a video like this as part of a larger organization, you’re not the only one who has input in it so we had to go back a couple of different times to do some revisions, and they were really, really helpful and really, really wonderful to work with in that process and again, very quickly they processed those requests very quickly as well.

So I was very happy with the process, very happy with the end product as well. Getting good reviews on it as we’re starting to roll it out within our organization and beyond as well. So the animated explainer video for Anglican 1000 is a hit. The process was great through Promoshin as well. So we’re very pleased.”

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