Dan Rosenrauch of SyntelSolutions.com | Hewitt, NJ - Promoshin


“Hello my name is Dan. I am a regional sales manager with Syntel Solutions. I just wanted to talk a little about our video that we have made by Promoshin and Ben.

Basically when we first were looking for a video we looked through a bunch of websites, a bunch of different companies, to get our video made. Prices, I think a lot were around $10,000-$20,000. I was a little bit nervous, you know, when Ben was a tenth of that but in the end video came out amazing.

I don’t think any of the more expensive companies could have done any better than he did. We’ve definitely gotten a lot of good feedback from the video since then.

Definitely, you know, explains our product better without us having to actually going into details. Just lets them click and watch the one and a half minute video and get a good idea of what we have to offer. It’s been definitely very beneficial to us and we thank him for that.”

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