David Andrawes of directsms.com.au | Australia - Promoshin

“Hi, I’m David from DirectSMS and today I just want to share my experience of working with Promoshin to create our explainer video for our website.

Let’s start with why I chose Promoshin. I think from when I was doing the research out there, I thought they practice what they preached far better than anyone else in terms of their own explainer video, and I think they’ve had a very clever concept and storyline and very well presented and certainly was appealing enough that I was quite happy to go ahead with them.

When I was doing my research I did find there were others out there, but I don’t think any of them really presented their offering as clear and as easy to go ahead with as Promoshin did. In terms of expectations, this was the first time we did anything like this. Myself and my business partner are very engineering minded, left-brained type of people.

Going into the creative realm for us is not something that we typically do or really have a lot of experience in. So Promoshin really sort of made that process a lot easier for us, and I think it ties also into their process. They really gather the right information upfront so nothing was really lost in translation.

They are really easy to work with, made the process very simple to follow. The Project Manager that we were working with, George, was lovely to work with and very accommodating and certainly exceeded our expectations in terms of his project management skills, as well as the end product with the final deliverable that was produced.

Would I recommend Promoshin?  Absolutely. We certainly will be doing other explainer videos in the future, and we certainly would be using them ourselves, as well as anyone else that we knew that wanted to get an explainer video, we certainly have nothing but praise and really happy with the output that Promoshin has produced. Thank you.”

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