David Hess of BestConsultingSpeacialists.com | Escazu, Costa Rica - Promoshin


“This is David from Best Consulting Specialists Incorporated. We engaged with Promoshin for some explainer videos to be attached to our products, and we engaged with them because we found that they were extremely collaborative. They’re a great partner. They keep you engaged from the beginning to end – all in the creative process.

So you never are questioning what’s going on because you’re involved from day one through the finalization. Which is, for me – it was extremely important, and I’m sure it’s important for anyone else who is looking for explainer video.

They are very creative. They offer suggestions – but you have the control of what you’re getting, and what you’re going to receive.

Again, that’s a great business model. Fits the way I like to be business, and I’m sure it’s a way you like to do business as well.

Pricing, couldn’t be more competitive. So yeah, great company. Highly recommend them. Go for it.

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