David Wildman of WildmanWear.com | Sydney, Australia - Promoshin


“Hi, my name is David Waldman. I am the owner of Wildman Wear which is a custom t-shirt, printing and design company.

I desperately needed a promotional video for my website. I Googled a couple of companies and came across Promoshin and I decided to go with Promoshin over other companies because it seems to understand about doing the video which is was to cater to my needs and they understood that I wasn’t just a normal t-shirt printing company.

They asked relevant question to find out about my business and my competitors. I watched a couple of videos, testimonial videos on Promoshin and everybody, the videos that I watched said what a great job that they’ve done.

The process with that, it would very long-winded process that would have to do a lot of work in terms of sending them information on my competitors. They were really, really good. They did all that for me.

They went through my website in what appeared to be a fine tooth comb so they knew exactly what I needed and what I wanted. I found them to be very, very efficient both in the time it took to make the video and also the detail that it went into with regards to the information about my explainer video.

I would say the top benefits were the great communication I had with the guys of Promoshin. If I had a query about the video they were always very quickly to being in contact despite the time difference with me being in Australia and those guys being in America.

I would definitely recommend Promoshin to somebody else. Like I said, great communication, very observant with regards to my business. The quickness of the video – they did it within a month. I was very, very impressed with that.

Anybody that wants an explainer video or sales video for their company, hop on their website and definitely give Promoshin to go.”

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