“This is a video testimonial about my experience with Promoshin. It was a very great experience. Let me just walk you through it.

In the beginning last year I was thinking that my business needed a tool that would be able to explain a complicated value, services that we will provide to a potential client. So I went down the route of getting an explanatory video that explains how everything work. So I did some research and I figure an animated video was the right path.

And I was researching different companies and I came across Promoshin.com. What I really found that company, the price was quite a bit lower than everybody else and more or less they were very aggressive in acquiring my attention.

So basically the day I landed on the website, I just basically gave them my email and they followed up with very interesting emails and that was something that captured my attention and made me feel like, “Wow these guys knows what they’re doing and they might be able to help me to explain my business very well to potential customers.”

What made it better for me that their cost was very reasonable compared to the competitors. So I decided to go forward with them. Now, I was very skeptical about their ability to do it within a certain timeline.

I figured, if the price is kind of on the lower side for the market, they going to be compromising quality. But I was really extremely pleasantly surprised. Service was great, they had a great project manager who communicated with me very well.

The turnaround time was great. I actually did prolong the process because I asked so many changes. That being said, they were on time, met my target.

I am extremely happy and if you’re looking forward for getting an animated explainer video, I recommend Promoshin.com.”

Full-service video content production and promotion since 2011. Over 7,000 videos made around the world for bootstrapped startups to Fortune 500 companies, including the BBB, Intuit, Pfizer, NASA, Cisco, Uber, Cinemark, Kaiser, Oracle, and Microsoft.
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