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“Hi. My name is Derrick Koenig. I am the owner of a online grocery store in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, named

We recently used Promoshin to do our first video. And, we did that after talking to a few alternate suppliers or producers of these videos and really found Promoshin to provide the best value.

And, throughout the process of developing the video, we definitely found them to be the easiest to work with. They were very quick to turn things around and, definitely, the project finished within the time frame that they originally promised.

So, we now have our video up on our website and—using Vimeo. And, we did that after receiving the follow-up e-mail from Promoshin—after getting the video—and, which—I guess—included a lot of really good ideas on how to—I guess—how to promote your business with the video made for you.

So, looking forward to working with Promoshin again on future projects and definitely would recommend them to anyone trying to develop an explainer type video to help their customers understand a little more about their business. So, hope that helps. Thanks. Bye.”

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