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“Hi, my name is Don Carter. I’m the founder of Hometown MBA. I’m recording this testimonial video on behalf of

I decided to work with Promoshin after trading emails with Ben and I actually had a chance to talk with him on the phone and one of the things that really impressed me about Ben was his sincerity to really help me try to put together a quality video product. After a few minutes of speaking with him on the phone, I realized that he understood the vision for what I wanted to create with the Hometown MBA video and we connected instantly and so I just knew that going with Promoshin was really going to be the right choice for my business.

I actually had a chance to shop around. I went online. I had a chance to visit a number of competitive competitor website.

What I found is that prices vary. There were some that were less expensive than Promoshin and there were some that were certainly more expensive but again, what I found was that just the example videos that Promoshin had on their site gave me a sense of the types of companies that they’ve worked with.

The diversity of the videos that they could create and also the example videos just really showed the creativity that the company had. They really put together some really interesting and fun and exciting videos for the customers. So I was pleased to be able to work with Ben, George and the team.

My expectations before getting my video, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I knew I was going to get something a minute to a minute and a half. It was going to be an explainer video that could clearly and concisely tell the story of what Hometown MBA was about.

But from the moment I got the first script to the final video product my expectations were just met and exceeded. The final video product just came out. It was great. The script really conveyed the message of Hometown MBA and I believe that video is really going to help explain to our audience the value proposition of what we are trying to create with the Hometown MBA product.

I think some of the benefits and features of working with Promoshin, again, I think the customer service was top notch. George, my project manager, it was really easy get ahold of him. Very responsive to any question that I had. They responded back to me within 24 hours.

Again I had a couple of phone calls with Ben, very responsive as well. We actually recorded the video and I thought that we are done and my wife actually pointed out a rather significant mistake that I made in the script which could have created some liability for us with the first video and so I went back to George and the team of Promoshin and I asked them to make the change and within a week they were able to edit the video, redo the voiceover and actually the second version of video was actually a much better product than the first one so I was really pleased with their responsiveness to the changes we needed to make.

I’d recommend Promoshin to anybody that is looking to put together an explainer video because I think you get what you pay for and certainly there was significant value for the money that I spent with Promoshin. Again, top notch video product. We got it done in about four weeks so it was a really good turnaround time as well.

So I think in terms of promoting my company through this video I think it was a very good investment so I would definitely recommend Promoshin to others that are looking to put together an explainer video. And even if you’re unsure I would also encourage you to go out to the Promoshin website, take a look at their examples, because, again, I think there’s a number of different examples from different companies that they’ve worked with that can give you a sense of what will fit your style, your company’s need and the type of statement that you want to make with your video. I think you’ll be able to see the type of work that they do.

So again I highly recommend the company. I’m very pleased with their service and hopefully I can work with them again in the future as my business grows.”

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