Eamon Murphy of EquityRealty.com | Naples, FL - Promoshin


“Hi, I’m Eamon Murphy with Equity Realty in Naples, Florida and I wanted to take a little bit of time to tell you about my experience with Promoshin. We looked for a explainer video online, and Promoshin is actually the first vendor we came across and really no need to check out anybody else.

So got working with Promoshin right away, and the communication right off the bat was really terrific. We got the project rolling very quickly. We were going in a direction right away which didn’t really give us any reason to solicit the services of any of their competitors. I didn’t really shop around too much, but once we got the estimate from Promoshin we were really happy. It was very fair. Their terms were really good. So we just decided to go ahead to use Promoshin and go from there.

Our expectations were have a really good video. We had a lot of direction. Our vision, we articulated through emails to them with a specific script. They were able to take that script from us and our description of the animations and put that into a storyboard really easily, without much input from us which was good.

Once they created that storyboard we had some revisions but I feel that their initial storyboard that came up with based on my description was really good. It was right on point. And the revisions that I had were really just kind of tweaking little revisions here and there.  They made those revisions, no problem, came back to us very quickly. The communication was always there and that was really terrific.

The final product was great. It was so good in fact that we used a part of that video but actually created a second video. So when you’re happy enough with the product to use them again, that’s a true testament. We’ve used them a couple of times already, and I would certainly use them again.

If anybody’s looking for an explainer video, a vendor, I would say, you know – one stop shop. They can do it all. Promoshin handled every aspect, from the visual to the audio, to really just listening to what we wanted and putting that right back in production for us so that we can move forward with our project. I didn’t want them to get sidetracked with a lot of other things. I just wanted to get the video out and get it done right.

I think I wouldn’t even go shopping around too much because in that amount of time, you could have had a really terrific explainer video already done for you. So we’re really happy with the product that we have now. We’re going to use it for our marketing for a long time and if we want to change it up, I would probably go back to Promoshin and do another video with them. So full confidence and very happy with Promoshin and everything they’ve done for us so far, and maybe we’ll be doing some business again.”

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