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“Hi, my name is Eric Bramlett. I recently completed a project with Promoshin. We did about a two minute explainer video. I selected Promoshin over the other explainer video companies out there, honestly because of their consistent marketing and because of the quality of their past work.

Whenever I researched the market there’s a wide range of pricing and a wide range of quality. One of my biggest concerns was would I get a quality video? If I get a video that’s not quality at all it’s completely worthless to me, no matter what I paid for it. The final result of the video has been extremely positive.

I’ve promoted on Facebook considerably and I’ve received a positive reaction from both current clients and from potential clients. There’s been a lot of comments on it, a lot of shares and what not. I’m quite certain that I will get new business as a result of the explainer video.

One of the best parts about working with Promoshin is their efficiency. They have a very, very high level of efficiency. We went back and forth on probably, I don’t know, 15 to 20 revisions during the storyboarding process. They were very prompt. They were extremely great to work with.

I would definitely recommend working with Promoshin to anybody who is in the market for an explainer video for that reason, because of their efficiency and the quality of of their work. Whenever somebody is looking for a company to work with to create an explainer video, I would highly recommend looking at their past work and then also contacting some of their past clients to make sure that the process was an enjoyable process.

Again, I can’t recommend Promoshin highly enough. I will absolutely use them again. I’m already considering doing a shorter version of my explainer video just to see how it converts and, yeah, great job guys. Love working with you.”

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