Helen Cao of IQBar.co.uk | London, United Kingdom - Promoshin


“I was looking for fun and engaging way to explain my business idea, and I looked over several websites making explainer videos. Initially I had no idea about where I should go, but when I was on Promoshin’s website, I found a variety of styles that I can choose from.

And since I never had an explainer video made, I didn’t know where to go and what the procedure is to make a video. But on Promoshin’s website, there is a clear plan…giving me a really concrete idea about what to expect at each stage. Like when storyboard will be ready, and when to choose my voiceover for the video.

The best feature of working with Promoshin is everything is delivered punctually. Everyone is very friendly, and would do their best to meet your expectations…so I would definitely recommend Promoshin.”

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