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“Hey guys, my name is Inbal, and I live in Bogota, Columbia. I’m the Founder of Who’s Your Guest, an internet site where hotels and accommodation providers can rate their guests. In this way, when guests check in, the receiving hotel will know if they have a history of being problematic or not.

In preparation for a crowdfunding campaign, we wanted to do an animated video. Naturally, I started looking for companies here in Bogota that could do the job for me. I found a few, had some meetings, but was not really convinced about their professionalism and real understanding of who the possible backers of a crowdfunding campaign are.

With no other choice, I started looking on the internet, and that’s when I found Promoshin. I was very hesitant at the beginning to contract a company which was not in the same country. I only had contact with them by email or by phone, and I needed to pay in advance, which means I’m taking a risk.

What if they disappear? Who knows? But visiting their Internet site, seeing videos like this one of people recommending them, getting immediate responses, having a phone call meeting with them, slowly, I started to get convinced.

At some point, I was so convinced that I paid everything in advance. During the process of making the video, Promoshin was very very dependable for what I needed. Every step we took was with my approval, of course.

I had immediate responses from them within the day, for my thoughts, and changes I wanted to do. They always were happy to do everything I said. They never made faces or were like ‘how come you’re changing this but yesterday you said that,’ and they were totally professional.

The final result I received was much much more than I expected, and I’m totally, totally happy. I would recommend for anybody who wants to do a video at a reasonable price with very high quality: Promoshin. This was my first video. I’ve done another one already and will publish some more. Thank you.”

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