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“Hi, my name is Jack with Scan Plus in Montreal, Quebec. If you don’t know where Quebec is, we’re a province in Canada.

So we are the home of the Montreal Canadiens, and here’s the punchline – we are the home of bilingualism which makes our job’s double harder, double more expensive. French and English has to be seamless and at the same time, it makes our lives that much more complicated.

I had a very big obstacle with this in this business and our complicated company as well. It doesn’t come easy to make a very concise and straightforward video, especially the two languages. When I came across Promoshin after looking at so many different companies of all different type of prices, believe you me the prices can go up to like ten, twenty, thirty thousand – but when I came across

Ben and his team at Promoshin and prior I actually saw the testimonials which made me very comfortable in the first place, but when I actually got involved and we started to do the actual video with them, we saw how dedicated the team was, how involved in particular whenever we had any questions or had to add things or do things, they were always accessible which made it very, very, very comfortable for us.

We are very demanding so believe me for the price and for the team and the people, the effort they put in, I give 10 stars and if anybody else out there is looking for something that is convenient, straightforward, right priced, and at the same time, a great team to work with, I recommend Promoshin to anyone and especially with our business which is not the easiest. It’s a very complicated field to put something in two minutes in French and English.

You guys are pros, man. I give it up to you. Thank you very much.  Look forward to do more business in the future.”

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