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“Hello, my name is James of MealData.com. I want to take this opportunity to thank Promoshin for creating my explainer video. They did an awesome job. I highly recommend Promoshin to anyone looking for an explainer video. Their professionalism, the project management, price, quality is the most reason why you would wanna go with Promoshin. They put an awesome product.

This process for me took, I’ve been thinking about a video for quite awhile, you know everyone has a video. If you go on social media, no matter where you’re at, something has a video, video this video that. Everything out there is video.

So I took the plunge and decided to make my own explainer video because my emails and talking just wasn’t getting a point so I thought this was the best route. So I started researching, googled and came out with several different websites. Started investigating them, getting quotes, looking at the quality. Nothing was would I, nothing stood out to me, basically and when I get the quote back and the price was out of this world. It was crazy. The price wasn’t even in the ballpark.

Then I found, I came across Promoshin and I looked at the website, I looked at the videos and something click and said wow. These are pretty cool. I thought that the quality was great. So you know…I put a call into Ben, he responded back promptly.

Even before doing anything with him he took what I had as a script. It was more, you know several paragraphs he took it and brought it to the level where he needed it to build the explainer video properly. So he was able to take that and that was all before he even did any contract work with him or signed a contract or said yes let’s go for it.

He did that work prior so right there that’s a value. He took the time to listen and do the work, to get that customer to engage and that was what I liked a lot. His commitment to a product that, you know, he didn’t have to do that. He did it anyway and that’s golden.

That’s awesome and then the price, the price was on target. You know I don’t know what’s good or not but comparing it to other vendors out there was just he couldn’t be it, okay and his marketing is awesome. He does the right thing. He’s very proficient with that so that was another thing for me too.

I would highly recommend Promoshin for your explainer video. The quality is awesome. Their project manager George was great. I knew exactly where I stood throughout the process. There were plenty of revisions and it took them. They don’t understood them and it worked and I am very pleased with the outcome.

So if you’re out there looking for an explainer video, Promoshin is the company to go with. There’s nothing, you know, other there’s nothing else I could say other than they do an awesome job.

The quality is topnotch for the price you’re going to pay. You can’t beat it. So go out, look, definitely look around. Look at the other products but I guarantee you come back to Promoshin. They’re just awesome to work with. The quality is awesome, and you can’t just beat it for what’s out there today. Thank you. Take care.”

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