“Hey guys, this is Jason Cahill, Founder and CEO of Traansmission. We’re a logistics marketplace, connecting truckers and shippers. So the reason I’m here is probably the same process that I did a couple of months ago.

Why Promoshin? Why them? There are lots of options out there. Some are cheaper. Some are more expensive, but I think the responsiveness when I asked them the initial questions. Certainly the price is great and competitive but I think that really the responsiveness to emails is really what sent me over the edge.

So like you, we did research. We figured out what companies were out there, what they offered, what they didn’t, and so after a week of looking at various websites and some good, some bad, we really thought Promoshin was the team that we wanted to work with.

Expectations going into it, we had a pretty tight timeline. We had a working script, but the team really answered questions we had upfront, were really thorough on what a sort of timeline would look like. How if we edited, that’s fine, but it might obviously take more time, and they also gave us a reasonable expectation of how long the clip would be from the outset.

I think the concerns we obviously had were what would the quality look like. They have a lot of samples so you’re able to see that upfront. So I think one of the other concerns was timeline, making sure that it would fit in the timeline we wanted it to.

As a final result of hiring for us was really word of mouth referral. We’re in an incubator as you see behind us. There have been a couple of other companies that have used them and strongly referred them. So I think that’s the strongest referral, is talk to people who have used them, and really that’s why we decided to use them.

I can’t recommend strongly enough using Promoshin. They were super responsive, even responding on Saturdays. The typical startup life, you don’t have a lot of time to make tweets and edits but they definitely were extremely responsive to emails that we would send back and forth. So good luck, and I think you’ve made the right choice coming to Promoshin. Thanks a lot.”

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