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“Hi, my name is Jason. I recently launched a website called Noosh to help professional and do it yourself decorators to manage their projects. Shortly after launching I was advised that one of the best things that I could do would be to create a video explaining the site to users to help on conversion, and so I set off to find a partner that would help make that a reality.

Originally I started looking locally and was quoted between $18,000 to $25,000 for a 2 minute video. So needless to say after receiving that, I started to take a much closer look at Promoshin.

So I was looking for three things mainly, the first one was cost. I self funded the initial site, and I wanted to make sure that I would find a partner that left some money in the coffers to run the actual marketing campaign after the video was created. And at a tenth of the price of what I was quoted locally, I knew Promoshin be a great value from that perspective.

Secondly, I was looking for a specific video style. I had examples of ones that I loved online and I wanted to make sure that we could replicate that type of style. So looking at Promoshin’s portfolio of videos, I knew immediately that they would be able to handle any type of style that I wanted, and saw examples of many that were close to exactly of what I was looking for.

And lastly, as a developer, I’ve never been one that has been accused of being too creative. So I was looking for a partner that could actually bring out that creative side and really drive this process, with little input, and I’ll be honest I was little hesitant at first.

I feared that I might end up with a cookie-cutter solution. But those fears quickly went away as we started working together and I knew that they were bringing me a truly custom solution for my needs. And that’s really one of the biggest things that Promoshin brings to the table, that drive to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

We went back and forth couple of times on the script, on the storyboard, on the style, on the animation, and each time they continue to hone in on exactly what I was looking for to get me the video that I wanted. So it’s a great service, and they really work closely with their clients. So anybody that’s out there that may be on the fence, thinking I don’t know if this is actually gonna get me the video that I want, all I can say is go for it, you’re gonna be happy that you did.

I’m walking away with a video that I’m absolutely thrilled to have, and one that I don’t think I could have gotten elsewhere. And to the team at Promoshin, I just wanna say thank you for taking the time to make this video a reality. I look forward to working together in the future. Thanks.”

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