Jim Marshall of DVCheck.com | Indian Land, SC - Promoshin


“This is Jim with DVCheck. We’re a company that helps people recover diminished value which is their vehicles lost value after a car accident and not a lot of people have heard about diminished values. We thought that doing an explainer video be a great way to build awareness and educate people on what diminished value is.

Once we decided we wanted to do an explainer video we did a lot of research and you know different companies that produce these videos and what we had found is a lot of companies charged thousands and thousands of dollars, which is a lot more than we were looking to spend with this kind of a video made and then we came across Promoshin and reviewed their portfolio. Really liked their style of videos and we were very impressed with their portfolio.

They met our needs and exactly what we needed. Glad we chose them. They were really easy to work with.

The process was smooth. They’re quick to respond. They make any kind of changes or edits that you needed in the video. We were very impressed with them. Anyone in the market for an explainer video I would highly recommend Promoshin. You can’t go wrong.”

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