Jim Whittle of PowerKiosk.com | Evanston, IL - Promoshin


“My name is Jim Whittle and the company name is Power Kiosk. We are a web-enabled energy procurement and sales platform. I chose Promoshin over all the other options out there because of a couple of reasons.

Number one, it was U.S. based. It seemed like a legitimate company as supposed to a lot of freelancers that are out there all over the world. I wasn’t really comfortable in going to a freelancer. I didn’t know that there maybe some 12-year-old kid that was doing this in their basement.

So I found out after I did my research and shopping around, that really this came to light to me that it was a real company I interviewed and talked to the owner of the company. I had expectations going in that I really wanted something quick and not, obviously I didn’t want to pay a lot of money, but I wanted my product to come across as being very professional and something that will explain within a minute what we will do – my elevator pitch, basically. Served many purposes on my website to attract customers as well as to attract investors.

So the concerns I had, my fears were that it could come across as cheap, would cheapen the image of the company and the brand. I was very worried about that but after going through the process I found out I was able to select the style I liked, the music, the narrator and so it all came together in a really good package.

I was pleased with the results. I recommend Promoshin and the reason is because I feel like that they’re reliable.

The end product met my expectations. I was very happy with it. Obviously we dragged our feet and changed our minds several times during the process, so there was some delays but they were really on our part.

My recommendation is that you get yourself organized, figure out exactly what you’re looking for and then use Promoshin. I think it’s very much the right choice for what’s out there. I was very happy with it. Cheers.”

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