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“I know I needed to create an explainer video so that in under three minutes someone could understand what our product would do for them and who is aimed at. So we looked around the web and I came across Promoshin and they had some great samples so we decided to go ahead and work with them. They did an awesome job.

They sent us over questionnaire, we filled that out about our product and then they quickly sent us back an excellent script. We had a couple of script edits, we sent that back to them and they send us sales and in the middle of our product, in the middle of our project.

The way we were marketing it and the features changed so we had to make some edits to the video. They did a great job of rewriting the script. They handled those changes.

They send us new sales and at the end of the day they did a great job of creating an animation and there was even one mispronunciation in the animation. We told them about that, they fixed it. They were great.

They never mentioned anything about it costing more on the changes. They just did a great job and at the end of the day we were really really happy with the product that we received. I would definitely use them again for more explainer videos in the future.

So if you have a product that you need to explain, I suggest you go ahead and use Promoshin. They are an excellent team to work with, you’ll be very happy with the outcome.”

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