Jonathan Rose of | Woodland Hills, CA - Promoshin


“Hi folks, I’m Jonathon Rose from Capital Gold Group. Now, I was looking for an explainer video and there’s only one company I would use and that’s Promoshin.

I’ve just finished my third commercial explainer video with them. All equally strong as the other.

What I love about Promoshin is really the ease of use, the customer service. When you are given storyboards about how your animation will take place, if you need to make changes, they make the changes. There’s no grumbling, there’s no pushback. They just do it for you and they do it to my expectations and probably above that.

For what you’re paying for these explainer videos, it’s worth absolutely every single penny. And people give me lots of compliments on it. They think it’s super high quality and really reflects my brand.

I will definitely recommend using Promoshin again and I’ll look forward to working with them as well in the future. Thank you.”

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