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“We chose Promoshin as we make a lot of our decisions, we looked at quality of the service, what we were going to get in terms of its positive effect on our business. Of course the cost, pricing was something that we did consider quite a bit and looked into quite a bit. In the third category as we always look at is just convenience and service, which includes in their communication.

So after looking through the marketplace quite a bit, we determined Promoshin really accomplished all three of these for us. Fortunately, in reality, after the fact that happened to be the case. In terms of our research we looked at probably between five and seven different providers. I’d spoken directly with most of them. I was most impressed by our direct communication with the team at Promoshin.

We seemed to feel that their goal was producing the best highest quality video for us, the most effective thing for our company. A partner that’s going to have their eye on that and realize, you know, our best interest is their best interest. In the end that was big for us. In terms of expectations, you know, before we had the video, we knew this concept was very valuable and an effective communication tool.

We knew that there’s a range, a very big range in how effective it was going to be and how close to our vision it was going to be. So we did not know how close it would end up being in terms of our vision. It very much surpassed that.

Our expectations in terms of communication were quite high. Those were matched, certainly, in terms of flexibility and adaptability of the process in the product. We did have a very high expectation on that and we were very pleased once we got in the process.

In terms of our fears, concerns, as always the marketing of any product is often better than the real thing. For us in the past, different services you know, a big part of communication – having a direct line with the partner to turn that vision into reality. Fortunately it turned out very well for us in this case using Promoshin.

In terms of what we found out, you need to have a partner that does all three of these things that accomplishes a very cost efficient solution, that has a very keen eye on quality and matching your vision to the end product and making it an effective marketing tool for the company. But the biggest of all maybe was just the adaptability, flexibility of the process in terms of us having our updates and edits, to really have our final product exactly what we wanted and we were very comfortable and confident about, again, top benefits and features.

Working with Promoshin, communication, our appropriate degree of involvement in the process. Our ability to really mold what the product would be in the end. I would certainly recommend Promoshin as the option to go with for this type of marketing tool above any others biggest it accomplishes those key things. It’s very cost efficient. It’s going to produce high-quality, effective piece for what you’re hoping to accomplish.

You know they’re going to be a partner that has an eye on the benefit to your business which is of course in line with what they are hoping to accomplish as a business as well. In terms of an individual looking for a explainer video, but if you’re not quite sure, this is a logical process but also a very creative process. There’s certain best practices that can be used. There’s a certain system, techniques, that Promoshin has certainly has down but you need a platform and a pathway to consistently communicate and update and refined what your video is going to be so that you are very confident about.

The more confident you are on your video and what it does, if your organizations is going to allow you to use it many different ways. It’s always tough before you actually get involved with the partner company that’s going to make your explainer video to really know that they’re very good at communication as well and really have their eye what’s best for you. Promoshin does that.

I think their track record speaks for itself. You’re able to really get a look at that track record in terms of their database of clients. For us, we are very glad and happy with ourselves and made the right choice.

You can never know 100% of course what’s going to turn out to be the best option but I can tell you we are very thankful and grateful we chose Promoshin because they turned out to be a very great partner and they are building a long-term business and they want to create a good quality production on their end and that’s evident.

We are very happy and again, price, quality, convenience and service all exceeded our expectations. I know they are at the level that would produce a great product for any company.”

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