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“Hi, my name is Josh Miszk. I work for an online investment advisory firm in Canada called Invisor. A while back were looking to put together an explainer video and looked at our options out there and ended up going with Promoshin.

Based on a couple of things, one of those was price, we knew we’re getting a lot of value for what we’re paying for and two is we had a really clear idea of what we’re getting into. They did a really nice job of laying that out for you online.

So as we were working with them, we found out they were really prompt to follow up. Whenever there are changes made everything was really laid out very clearly along the way and everything really unfolded exactly how they set up. There are no surprises along the way.

What I really liked about this process was that when you send your information about your firm what you’re looking to do, they lay it out in a very nicely structured script and we were able to build on that script and add, tweak here and there to really customized to exactly what we wanted.

We’ve made a lot of changes to our ideas as the process moved along. Our ideas became more clear and they happily made those changes and they did them quickly.

All in all it’s been a great experience seeing our idea come to life in this video. So I would definitely recommend them. If you’re interested in doing a video of your own, I say give them a try. They are professional, they are transparent and they do great work.”

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