“Hello, my name is Judy. I own a company in Escondido, California, with my daughter and we needed an explainer video to go onto our website, and I started pricing out different companies.

I was stunned when I found that most of the quotes that I got were between $10,000 and $22,000 to do something for a minute and a half, and I wasn’t able to do that. That’s way too much of the budget of our small company.

So, I kept looking around and I saw this ad for Promoshin, and I filled out the form and I sent it in, not knowing, you know, exactly what I was going to get, and was I surprised. I got a fantastic job. I met a wonderful person by the name of Ben, and later George. They helped me put out to the public what our business is all about in a minute and a half or two minutes, something like that. It was fantastic.

Working with them was so easy. They were back with an answer immediately whenever there was a question, and they always made me feel smart and right to have chosen them, and I am and I was and I love that company. We’re going to do another one right away. I hope you do business with them as well because they will not let you down.

You know you can’t worry when you can count on a company who knows what they’re doing, who are experts at what they do, and then they show you that and in a timely manner and a price that you can afford. I don’t know what else you would want. Please do more business with them because they are terrific. I love them. I’m gonna do another one right away. Bye.”

Full-service video content production and promotion since 2011. Over 7,000 videos made around the world for bootstrapped startups to Fortune 500 companies, including the BBB, Intuit, Pfizer, NASA, Cisco, Uber, Cinemark, Kaiser, Oracle, and Microsoft.
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