“We just finished our fourth video with Promoshin and it’s been a great experience. Initially we chose Promoshin because I thought they had a great variety of explainer videos on their website and in particular since we sell inventory management software, I was looking for good software industry sample videos and they had great ones on their site.

It seemed actually a lot better than the competition, so that’s what made us choose Promoshin in the beginning and they absolutely came through for us because we ended up making four videos that explained very well how our software works and they never once complained about the edits that I came back with and they were many edits and they never once said that was too many or try to charge any extra fees and so I just really appreciate their strong emphasis on customer service and it was a pleasure working with them and they absolutely did it until it was great and so the results have been really good for us.

In fact, we’ve had some our largest customer come back to us and say: “Who made your video for you because we’d actually like to go back and use them.” We’ve had other comments saying because our video talks about a fictitious guy named Bob, so people come back to us and say, “Hey we’re Bob from your explainer video. That’s exactly how we did inventory management and we need what you do.”

So obviously it helps get the story through to people so we couldn’t have been happier with how it worked out to work with Promoshin and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an explainer video.”

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