Kyle Earlywine of | Vancouver, WA - Promoshin

“Hello, I’m Kyle Earlywine. I’m the co-owner of Green Flush Technologies and we manufacture public restrooms for outdoor recreations areas like parks, campgrounds, beaches, golf courses those kinds of areas.

We started looking around for a animated video several months ago because we just found that it was hard for us to communicate and connect with people on an empathetic level. It is really hard to say that people care about restrooms when not really all it was. We really wanted to show people the value of having a restroom and so we figured that going with an animated video was the right way to do that.

When we went shopping around for animated videos we found that the typical quote we’ve got was somewhere between $3,000 and $4,000. We eventually found Promoshin and they gave us a quote for less than a $1,000.

We could not believe that they were able to give us this quote. I think we were a little bit suspicious at first that a quote would be that low. We didn’t really understand there must be something up but the more we got into the process, more we realized that we were able to get the exact voice actor that we wanted, we were able to get the exact animation style that we wanted and they were just a tremendous number of animation styles to choose from.

We found, we feel the perfect one for us. In terms of customer service we were really happy there too. We were perfectionists. The whole way we wanted exactly the kind of video that we felt would think we could possibly find someone else out there that could compete with them in terms of overall value so again top notch recommendations for Promoshin.”

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