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Hi, my name is Larry Gurreri, I’m the CEO and founder of a marketing agency in New York called Sosemo. We recently hired Promoshin to develop our second explainer video. We chose Promoshin, of course, because it was our second video and we had a good experience the first time around.

What I did find from our research of shopping around was that other explainer video providers really didn’t have the same quality graphics I’ve found with Promoshin, which is why I hired them a second time.

With regards to expectations, I was expecting a lengthy process. We did a bit of back and forth with our account manager, but this time around we got it done fairly quickly with pretty limited revisions.

In terms with my concerns or fears before hiring Promoshin, the biggest issue was just being able to communicate our requirements to the account manager, and this time around that went very well and we completed the video in pretty short amount of time, so I was very pleased with that.

And what I found as a result of hiring Promoshin was just the unlimited revisions is pretty spectacular, regardless you’ll get what you envisioned which I think is pretty rare when it comes to business services.

In terms of the top benefits or features that I liked about working with Promoshin it’s really just the unlimited revisions not too many other shops out there offer that, so I feel that you’re pretty much guaranteed you’re going to get a product that you’re happy with. I also did like the variety of voice actors as well, so that was pretty nice.

I absolutely would recommend Promoshin, you know, quality service, and they don’t stop until you’re happy with the final product, so I think that’s pretty rare. And in terms of recommending an explainer video to someone who hasn’t had one before, I would recommend Promoshin, and just what I would say there is a good bit of work that needs to be completed to map out your vision and communicate that to the designer, and what’s great about Promoshin is that they do unlimited revisions, so regardless of how good or bad you are with communicating your vision, you’re going to get a final product that you’re happy with. Thank you very much, take care, bye.

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