Lee Parry of Infinity-Wireless.com | Birmingham, United Kingdom - Promoshin


“Hi, I’m the CEO of Infinity Wireless. We are a software development company.

A while ago we were looking for a company to develop a video so I searched many websites on Google. Came across Promoshin and chose Promoshin due to to their competitive advantages, the testimonials, and the quality of the videos.

I think overall we were a bit apprehensive of getting an outside company to do the video but Promoshin did a really good job. They hold your hand all the way through the process. The attention to detail has been really surprising.

I would definitely recommend Promoshin to anyone who is serious about getting a video and I also recommended Promoshin to guys I know within the business network in the UK. I would definitely recommend Promoshin and would like to say thanks to Promoshin for producing a really great video.”

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