Lowell Parker of 24HourAnswers.com | Thiells, NY - Promoshin


“My name is Lowell Parker and I own an online tutoring company called 24HourAnswers.com. So recently, we were getting ready to begin marketing to colleges and universities across the country and we decided that we needed a video to use as a marketing tool. So one of my marketing people had given me the contact information for Promoshin and I got some pricing from them.

Then I decided to shop around a little bit to see how they compared to other companies. I was rather surprised to find out that Promoshin’s prices were about a factor of ten less expensive than these other companies.

So for example, I think I did like a Google search on explainer videos, things like that, and I was pulling up these top companies. They quoted me prices of like $16,000 for a two-minute video, and they said, “Well, since you’re not in a rush for it, we’ll give you a break and only charge you $12,000.” 

Now the last time I spent $12,000 on anything I was buying a car and you know for a small startup business that’s a very big expense. So Promoshin’s prices were like a factor of ten less expensive. They were essentially offering me the same product, a high-quality video, animated video up to two minutes in length, and I just really couldn’t see that I was going to go wrong with that.

So I hired Promoshin to make our video. I have the final product now and I’m quite happy with it. In fact, this week we are about to begin our marketing campaign with the video that they made for me.

The other thing I should say is there were lots of edits and changes along the way. The owner of the company was very accommodating in terms of making those changes for me – never complained once about all the editing and so forth. Just very easygoing and willing to do whatever was needed in order to get the thing finished and pretty much on the timeframe that they had said from the beginning.

So the quality is certainly sufficient. The pricing is fabulous and I really don’t think there’s anything out there that is going to be any better than what Promoshin can do for you which is why I agreed to make this testimonial for them. I’m simply giving you my honest feelings and experience with regard to the video that I had them make for our business, 24HourAnswers.com, an online tutoring service. Thank you.”

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