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“Hi my name is Lowell Parker and I own an online tutoring company called College Tutor Online that provides online tutoring to college students around the world.

About eight months ago, I asked Promoshin to produce an explainer video for our company which at that time offered two types of services to students under one domain name. When they were finished making the video, I did a testimonial for them because I had been impressed by the product and the pricing. In short, Promoshin had given me a video at about 1/10 the cost of what other companies were charging. The quality was not noticeably different from what the expensive company were producing.

You might be wondering, then, why I’m doing a second testimonial for Promoshin. When I finished with them last year the owner had told me that if ever I needed a second video he would give me an even better price.

I figured that while the odds of needing another video were slim, what I would need periodically would be edits to the current video since my company was growing and some of the slides showing statistics would certainly need to be updated. The owner of the company, Ben Marvazi, said this would not be any problem and I was really impressed with his whole attitude.

Now here is where it gets interesting – it turned out that for marketing purposes, my company decided to separate our students’ services on to two separate websites and the video I had from Promoshin was suddenly obsolete because the service we were promoting on the video was related to the service we had moved to the new website.

This created a new domain name, new logos, basically everything had changed. It turned out that to update the old video to reflect the new website was not simply a matter of updating some outdated stats. Not only that, the person who had done the first voiceover was no longer available, meaning the entire voiceover had to be redone. So in essence we were starting over from scratch.

So when I dumped all these new changes into Ben Marvazi’s lap I was sure I was gonna get an email saying, “Hey look. We’re gonna have to charge you something for all this additional work,” but that email never came. Instead, I received the entire makeover video within a few days, with no mention of additional pricing.

Now, what video company do you know that will stand by it’s customers to the extent that they would essentially do a complete video makeover and not even charge them? That’s what Promoshin did for us and that’s why I made a second testimonial. So I’ve done two testimonials in my entire life and the fact that there both for the same company really means something.

If you need a video to promote your company or product, I am just letting you know that the people running Promoshin really do stand apart from the others.

I could have been foolish enough to pay one of these other companies $15,000 for a two-minute explainer video. If I had I would have missed out on the deal of a lifetime that I got with Promoshin. My first video was about 1/10 that price and the second complete makeover was free.

This is really an extraordinary thing. I wanted to tell the story. Plain and simple.”

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