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“We made an extremely wide choice in selecting Promoshin. I am Mark Emerson, CEO of AngelBase which is a new database technology targeted to redefine the IT industry, exciting stuff. We are raising funds from investors and needed an animated explainer video for our website,

I looked into numerous production companies specializing these videos including many in India and the Philippines. I was surprised to find that right here in the United States, Promoshin seemed to be offering the best deal.

I asked numerous questions via email and Promoshin’s CEO Ben promptly and satisfactorily answered each one. His excellent attitude convinced me.

Promoshin delivered way beyond my expectations. Our video tells a complex story and it took a while to develop the script and storyboard. It was a collaborative effort with many hours spent on our side.

If you want a good video, I think you need to put the effort in to  support the production. Our Creative Director, Jack at Promoshin did an incredible job for us. He was amazingly cheerful, prompt and precise in all of our many communications, again excellent attitude. Our voice over artist, Kristy also at Promoshin did a fabulous job and animators worked miracles for us. Please check out the resulting video in People love it! Some people who previously knew about AngelBase said that video helped them understand it much better.

We will definitely be doing more videos with Promoshin. Thank you Ben, Jack, Kristy, our animators, and everyone else at Promoshin. These are great people. I strongly recommend Promoshin for animated explainer videos.”

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