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“Hi, my name is Mary Blackowiak and I’m the Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications with Buffalo Americas. We are a manufacturer of hi tech data storage and networking equipment and I wanted to create some content for our customers that explains the features of our product in a way that was easy to understand so an animated explainer video seem like a good way to go.

I started doing some research online and it looked like there were a lot of providers for this type of product. When I started looking at the prices and took into account the number of products that we wanted to promote it really wasn’t going to be feasible in our budget to be able to produce a number of these videos at a reasonable cost.

So that’s actually when I found Promoshin and the prices seemed reasonable and the example videos that’s posted online looked really good so we decided to give them a shot. I went into this really not having any expectations because we’ve never created a video like this before but it was really simple.

We just filled out the questionnaire, picked out the animation style and the voice over artist that we liked and within the first couple of days we received a copy or a draft of the script.

What I liked about working with Promoshin was that our project manager was really responsive. All of our edits were done quickly and they even accommodated our request to have some animated characters look like our sales team so that went over really well.

We just got our final product last week and everybody was really excited about the way that the video came out and in fact my boss just asked me when we’ll be creating our next video so I anticipate we will be working with Promoshin for a lot of these videos that we will produce in the future as well.”

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