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“Hi, this Matt Czisny – Product Marketing Manager with Distinct Software Solutions. I just wanna talk about Promoshin very quickly and about our experience using them for an explanation video.

We chose Promoshin over many other choices out there mainly for two reasons, first of all the price was super competitive, and second of all the website made it super easy to get the project started without having to make a bunch of back and forth phone calls.

After shopping around a little bit we found that prices and timelines can vary wildly from company to company, and after looking in some of the example videos on the website, we liked what we saw – and so we expected to get a good quality video based on what we saw there.

Some of the concerns we have before choosing to work with Promoshin were that the work would not stay on a reasonable timeline, and also that possibly the artwork would be at the lower quality than we expected – but that definitely was not the case.

And after hiring Promoshin for our video, we found that the project stayed on the expected timeline, as well our feedback was incorporated pretty much exactly as we requested – so that was a nice benefit.

The top benefits or features that we liked about working with Promoshin were that it was easy to start and track a project. We received good feedback and good direction from the team to help us get started and to achieve the desired result. I would recommend Promoshin because the process was easy, it was easy to manage, and really the price was just super competitive.

So if you’re looking for an explainer video but you’re not sure what company to choose, my advice would be to check out a few options and save Promoshin for last. You’ll find that the work is the comparable quality, and the prices are super competitive, and I can attest that the team delivers exactly what you’d expect. Thank you.”

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