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“My name is Maurice Drake, founder and CEO of FanLow, LLC. I reached out to Promoshin for the purpose of getting an explainer video. To best, of course, get my unique concept within my respective space to market in a way that will be clearly explained.

I will say that Mark, Ben and his team were just excellent throughout the process. They really have the know how and the flexibility to work with people such as myself who don’t have a lot of experience with explainer videos and how to develop it, etc, etc.

They really were really in tune to what my needs were and at the offset, helped me work really quickly to get the project established from start to finish. So I can only say positive things about Ben and Mark and their team and how they came together, really, to pull it off.

I can tell you that there were many times that I made changes, suggested changes, and they nailed it 100 percent of the time and anytime you have someone who listens and pay attention to details and they were able to act fast. That’s the type of people that you want to invest your money in because of the return can turn out to be so much better, so much greater.

I really appreciate Ben and Mark and their team. I wish them the best in the future and I’m sure that I will have to visit them again for another project down the road. Thank you guys for everything and I wish you much success. Thank you.”

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