Maurice Johnson of | Mader, CA - Promoshin


“Hello, my name is Maurice and I am the founder of Eyeable. We are a startup company, looking for a simple and inexpensive platform that explains our service. There are a lot of options out there, and two major factors in our decision to move forward with Promoshin were price and service.

Other companies that we evaluated seemed to be able to deliver the same product but a much much higher price, or they were able to provide the content that we needed at a reasonable price, but their service was not great. So we ended up contacting Promoshin, and when we did they were very very professional and very responsive to our requests.

They provided project timelines that helped us keep track at each milestone, and kept us on schedule. They were very proactive and worked to help me complete my project, and I’m sure that they will do the same for you.

My overall experience with Promoshin was excellent. I will definitely use them for future projects, and I would definitely recommend them to others.”

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