“Hi, I’m Meredith Juengel, Director of Relationship Management with Prophecy Healthcare, and we just finished up our explainer video with Promoshin. We have two partners, Bittle Consulting Group and People Soft. We have three different components that create a holistic solution for the healthcare industry.

So because we have multiple partners and multiple pieces that work together, this explainer video was somewhat of a feat for Promoshin. The reason is because we wanted all three components included, and we wanted our partners to be involved in the editing process to make sure that the end product was something that everyone could be proud of. So we wanted a visual representation of something that could seem like a complex concept.

Of course we wanted it to seem easy though. So I have to say that Ben and the team at Promoshin were fantastic through all of our rounds of edits. We had edits on the storyboard side. We had edits to the animation, and even when everything was pretty much signed off, we came back with two fairly large edits for them to work in.

The team was super fast at turning around the edits and taking all of the suggestions into consideration. I can say that none of the edits, and there were probably hundreds, were ever overlooked. They were all included. One of the large ones was at the very last stage, there were three logos that were on a page. They were just white logos on a saturated color background, and we thought they may look just like we copy and pasted logos on to a color background.

So we asked for a frame to be put around and kind of make them seem more like pictures on a wall that were hanging, and Ben and the team at Promoshin were completely open to that and let us have our creative license in the process and hopefully we didn’t stifle theirs. So I would say if you want a team to create your video that is open for suggestion and are willing to take your ideas and put them into place, then definitely go with Promoshin.

Their pricing’s awesome. Their turnaround time is awesome. Their customer service is fantastic. I really can’t say enough about them, and we will definitely be using  them in the future. Thank you so much.” 

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