Michael Brown of SellYourFixerUpper.com | Boynton Beach, FL - Promoshin


“Hello, my name is Michael Brown and I’m with the company SellYourFixerUpper.com. We used Promoshin because we wanted a good explainer video for our website in regards to our customers understanding what we do.

So then–before they either fill out the web form or call us–they can see if it’s the right scenario for them. We researched a number of different companies. I probably spent a day just researching companies and which one I should use.

They had great pricing compared to the other companies and they had amazing testimonials. So, I wanted to offer up this testimonial to them because… I just saw the video. I’m very happy with it. I’m sure if we needed some changes in the future we could reach out to them and they would help us without a problem.

They had offered many different solutions in regards to adding different things to the video afterwards like: they’ll create a Facebook video for you, something that you can upload to YouTube. It helps a lot for our website and for driving traffic and producing more “buys” for our company.

So, you know, I just wanted to create this testimonial to say I was very happy with their company and I hope you guys have the same results as I did because I’m extremely happy. Have a good day. Thank you.”

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