Nancy Meek of | Phoenix, AZ - Promoshin


“Hi, I’m Nancy and I have a new e-commerce business that I wanted a video for. For both explaining and promotion.

So I started researching my options and I wanted something that would be professional and really reflect my brand. And as I was going through I found several options but most of them are way out of my budget so I happened to cross Promoshin and I started looking at the samples.

They were really good. I listened to the testimonials, and it really seemed like what I was looking for. So I gave Ben a call and he was super accommodating.

He walked me through the whole process and said they would work with me to get it right. And so we started and as I added or change anything, they were very efficient and they did it immediately, very smoothly, and the cost was really reasonable.

So the bottom line is I would highly recommend Promoshin if you’re thinking of doing a video because they were great to work with, very reasonable. I was satisfied in the timing and the product and the cost.

And we’ll probably do more because as we grow we’re going to need more videos and there’s no way to engage our audience better than to watch a video. So I do recommend Promoshin highly. Thank you.”

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