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“Hi there. My name is Neil and I’m a partner of a software company called LeanKor and we were really looking for a way to tell our story, in a video manner with something short, sweet and that really explain our solution to our prospects and customers to understand what we have to offer.

Started to do some research and quickly realized that, you know, Promoshin’s video, an explainer video, at this time could cost two to five to seven or eight thousand dollars depending on what you wanted to do. I found Promoshin I realized pretty quickly that it was a proven business model that a lot of people had taken advantage of. I actually watched some testimonial videos and I was interested to see that was a real solution here that was affordable, on time.

We were looking to do it in a relatively short period of time. When we shopped around, there was a lot of different options. A lot of digital agencies will do this sort of thing for you but it’s very expensive and very time consuming.

We were really hoping to have a video than we can really proud of. It’s actually global, LeanKor homesite. We need something professional and really portrayed us in the best way.

Honestly you have some fears when you’re going down road like this and are dealing with a company that you just found on the internet but quickly realized that they are very serious and conscientious. Had some discussions with them.

He basically set up and had a project manager. George was really great to work with, and really kind of able to help us get started. Helped us worked with our script. Little back and forth and I think I probably sent 50 emails to George but he’s always been very responsive and getting back to us and making sure that we were happy with the final outcome.

So you know, now that we’re done, we’ve got a great two-minute long video that explains our solutions simply in an engaging way I think. So we’re very happy with where we’re at.

Some of the top benefits working with Promoshin, I realized first and foremost is the cost. It’s very difficult to do a video like this for under $1,500 where we ended up, and that is very cost effective to do a video like this.

Secondly, they were very conscientious and always available for revisions and changes and a lot of back and forth.  All in all, I would definitely recommend Promoshin.

They are definitely a lot of options out there but if you’re looking for a way to do something in a cost effective way with animation and be able to help tell your story, I think Promoshin is the good company to work with. Thanks.”

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