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“Hi, my name is Pankaj and I’m Co-Founder of – which is a social networking platform which is catered towards Cricket. So we approached Promoshin to create 6 different videos for our different marketing needs, and one thing which I would like to mention here is that they did a splendid job in creating all those videos.

So the whole idea was that our website is catered towards six different rules of the Cricket which we wanted to explain and apart from that, we wanted to have a kind of overall explainer video which we can put on our landing page. So it was a big project, and we did our research on the website but ultimately we figured out Promoshin for a couple of reasons which they proved that yeah, they would.

So a couple of specific points which I wanted to point out here is first thing, as we provided multiple rounds of feedbacks on different videos needs, and the whole team, Promoshin team, was very cooperative and supportive. They took our feedback very seriously and within a very short span of time, they actually implemented all those feedback which was kind of really nice.  We went back and forth multiple times but they were collaborative toward the process which was awesome I must say.

Second thing, very price effective. It was kind of overall, the length of six videos is nearly around 15 minutes and they provided us best value of the money. Indeed, I still remember in one of the very few discussions which we had with Ben, in fact he suggested a couple of awesome ideas through which we can reduce our costs which was kind of very encouraging and that was one of the reason actually we selected Promoshin over any other company. So I must say that they provide really good value of the money.

Third thing which I can say is good suggestions. So considering that I was kind of new in this whole video creation process, one thing which Promoshin team did is that they gave us wonderful ideas on how we can make our video better. They always came up with some creative ideas which helped me and my team in creating the video. Most of the time, I used to feel that I’m part of that team, rather that I’m someone who is actually an outsider. So that was kind of one of the things which I surely would like to highlight here.

Next part which I must say is quality of work. Overall when they delivered the video to us, it is looking very professional in nature. In fact, they always used to give us kind of a good amount of options to like about which voiceover artist we want to go for, what background music we want to go for. So they always gave us multiple options and all of those options were awesome but yeah, ultimately the video which came out, it’s quality I must say is very professional in nature which is very encouraging.

The best part was that there was no fine points in the contract. So a lot of times it happens that when you reach out to someone, they provide you multiple fine points. You can’t go beyond three revisions. There should be this word limit or there should be this character limit but with Promoshin, what I realized is actually they were very receptive of our ideas, and there was no fine points in the contract which we signed. So we agreed on a price, and afterwards it was all like that. Okay, I’m part of the team. I’m working with the team, and they are not working on my video but they are trying to create something which looks good. So that was again, very encouraging.

Overall, I must say that the whole experience was very fun, and I got what I was actually looking for. To be very honest, in the beginning I was not very sure what I was looking for but with progress of this project, I realized actually what I’m looking for and this team helped me with that. Not only did they help me with that, but they also came up with something which I was looking for. So I would surely like to recommend Promoshin to all the users or whoever is kind of shopping for video creation at this point of time, and I must say it’s a good company to work with – so thank you.”

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