Patrick Powers of Ivy Athlete Tours | Greenwich, CT - Promoshin

“My name is Patrick Powers. I am the Founder and Director of Ivy Athlete Tours. I just wanted to quickly shoot of a quick video testimonial about the Promoshin team.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve worked with the Promoshin team in putting together an animated explainer video. I was so pleased, I felt that a video testimonial was more appropriate than a simple Facebook like or Twitter share or something like that so you guys could put a face and voice with the recommendation.

But for about two to three weeks, I was looking for an explainer video, animated. In that process, you go through pricing and past work, things of that nature and obviously their past work speaks for itself but what really separated them was the attention I got in the process from start to finish and really couldn’t be happier with the Promoshin team and the work that they did because as I’m sure everyone here knows that anytime you pick a service provider you don’t know, there’s no initial trust because you’re obviously – at least if you’re me – you’re searching through Google and things like that, but really couldn’t be happier with the Promoshin team and the work that they did for me. So pleased that I’m going to have them put together two more animated explainer videos here in the next couple of weeks.

I just wanted to say to the Promoshin team thank you very much. Any business, small, medium or large, I would highly recommend using this team as they were more than accommodating when it came time to make small edits. Obviously the big edits are one thing but making small little edits here and there, never showed any kind of frustration. Just wanted to put together a great product and that’s what they did.

Thank you again Promoshin team. I highly recommend to anyone searching for animated explainer video.”

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